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Each varies slightly in the amount and type of home
insurance provided, with HO-3 being the most common policy:

HO-1- HO-1 is a limited home insurance policy that only covers items that are specifically described within the policy. This type of home insurance coverage may be used to cover the cost of one or several specific items, such as a valuable painting within the home.

HO-2 - HO-2 is also a limited policy. Unlike the HO-1 policy, however, it covers a certain area of the home and not just a specific object. In many cases, specific types of perils to be covered are listed within the home insurance policy.

HO-3 - The HO-3 home insurance policy is meant to cover all every aspect of the home, including the structure as well as the contents. This policy also covers liability issues that may arise from the regular use of the property and any accidents or injuries that visitors to the property may sustain. For this reason, these home insurance policies are also commonly referred to as “all risk” or “open perils” policies.

HO-4 - The HO-4 homeowners insurance policy is the one that is most commonly referred to as a renters insurance policy because it covers the apartment and its contents beyond what is covered by the blanket policy held by the complex. This renters insurance can also cover liabilities within a certain range of the renter’s home. Coverage may include injury as the result of smoke, explosion, riot, lightning, aircraft, falling objects, and more.

HO-5 - The HO-5 home insurance policy is similar to HO-3 coverage in the areas that it covers. The difference between the two is the depth and breadth of coverage provided by the HO-5 policy, which is greater than what the HO-3 policy covers.


HO-6 - HO-6 home owner’s insurance is often referred to as Condominium Coverage because it is specifically geared toward owners of condominiums. This policy covers the portion of the building that the insured owns as well as the property within this portion. It also includes liability coverage.

H0-7 - H0-7 is home owner's insurance written specially for Mobile Home Owners.

HO-8 - The HO-8 home insurance policy is commonly referred to as “older home” insurance because it covers a home with a lower market value at a higher replacement cost. This ensures that the homeowner will be able to cover the expenses of a new home if the current home were to be destroyed.

HO - 35 - Loss Assessment Coverage.

HO - 61-B - Valuable Items Plus.

HO - 82 - Personal Injury.

HO - 85 - Enhanced Home Package.

HO - 290 - Replacement Cost Contents: an endorsement that allows for replacement cost on contents in the home, rather than Actual Cash Value.

HO - 420 - Additional Replacement Cost Protection.

HO - 455 - Identity Fraud Expense.

HO - 459 - Assisted Living Care Coverage.

HO - 493 - Actual Cash Value Loss Settlement - Roof.

HO - 543 - Residence Held In Trust

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